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Alcona Community Schools Welcomes 2 New Principals

Students, parents and teachers will be seeing two new faces when they walk into Alcona Community Schools next month. Superintendent Dan O’ Connor has hired a new Alcona Elementary Principal, and a new Alcona Middle, and High School Principal for the district.

Tim Lee will be the new Principal for kindergarten through 5th grade, and Edwin Barber will be the Principal for 6th grade through 12th grade.

After speaking to both Principals, both men learned that they had a lot in common including coaching and working as teachers in their past. Both Lee and Barber say they will work together as a team to have each school involved within the community.

“One of the biggest ones is to really bring the community in and I think the name Alcona Community Schools really hits home. So really tying in the community feel and connecting the school together and really being able to get projects to bring the community in to help teach our kids and to bring the school out in the community to help inform what we’re doing at that building and to help improve our students,” new Principal Tim Lee said.

Coming from being an Assistant Principal in El Paso Texas Paso Texas, Barber said that having over 2000 students to decreasing to only around 500 students will be a major change.

Barber said the new change would give him the opportunity to be one on one with his students.

“Here it affords me that opportunity because of the smaller classroom sizes, the smaller district. With the students being here from 6th through 12th I have a lot of years to build that with students and parents, making the best out of everything,” new Principal Edwin Barber said.

Both Principals are Michigan natives. Lee is from Alpena, and Barber is from Lapeer, Michigan.

Both men were former coaches, Lee taught Science for over 10 years in Oscoda, and Barber was a former Science teacher. So if you see these two men walking through the halls of Alcona Community Schools make sure to say hello and welcome them to their new journey.