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Supreme Court Orders $550M Back To Michigan Teachers

Seven years later Michigan teachers will finally be getting their money back after a long dispute. The case began after teachers and school personnel had to contribute 3% of their salaries toward their retirement health care.Back in 2010 Public Act 75 was found unconstitutional and money was collected from 2010–2013 from teachers all over the state of Michigan, and then a legal battle threw that money into escrow.. Topping at five hundred and fifty million dollars

The Michigan Supreme Court handled the case back in November and agreed that the money was collected unconstitutionally and the funds that were collected must be refunded, here in Alpena 274 teachers and employees were affected by this

“the state sent back the money to the school district we received 1.2 mill plus almost 10 thousand dollars in accumulated interest”

Now the issue is contacting those who were employed by aps through out those years that are no longer on payroll

“If we don’t find them they will be turned back over to the dept of treasury it will be unclaimed property through treasury they will try to claim”

Block wants to make sure this process is done correctly and make sure each person gets back what they made during those years

“Hoping that we can do this right the first time so we are not doing it as quickly but we want to do it right”

Heres how you can make sure you get your money back. email your current address and information to

or log into your mi–account to update your profile.