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The haunts of Alpena: Male’s Grocery

ALPENA, Mich. — An area as old as Alpena is bound to have some spirits lurking about. If you’re lucky, you may just see one on your grocery run.

Beverly Male’s family has lived in Alpena for more than a century. And in their time owning the old saloon on Long Rapids Road— Now a family grocery store— the Males have seen their fair share of spooks.

“As children we played upstairs. And we were always certain we saw someone looking in from this one frosted glass door.”

Beverly said the building hosted its fair share of travelers and irate lumbermen back in the day. It’s no surprise an accident or two may have left a discontented spirit.

“A gentleman thought his wife was upstairs with someone else. And, of course, back then, they all carried sidearms, and he proceeded to shoot holes in the ceiling.”

However, it seems the newest spirit may in fact be a member of her family.

Beverly said her employees have seen a woman peering at them from the upstairs window— A woman whose description matches Beverly’s late grandmother!