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Professionals at Thunder Bay Therapy help senior citizens overcome vertigo

Physical therapists at Thunder Bay Therapy are help seniors get their lives back on track by dealing with problems that tend to come with age.
This includes frequent dizziness, that may a sign a vertigo.

Physical therapist Alex Doubek, says, “We’re talking about positional vertigo, so the sensation of either yourself or your surroundings moving. It’s estimated that about 40 percent of elderly dizziness is a form of positional vertigo and I’m here to tell you that it is treatable. ”

Doubek says the condition is something seniors should pay attention to, as it may come without warning, or a specific cause.

“A lot of times it can be a benign process where it kind of happens without any direct cause, but it can also happen due to some form of infection or trauma.”

Physical therapy patient June Mills says vertigo was negatively impacting her quality of life, until she decided to head to therapy.

“Well, I couldn’t do too much, because I’d stand up and I’d have to hang onto something, because I was so dizzy. I really couldn’t do too much. My husband had to do all the housework, which is good.”

People experiencing symptoms of vertigo don’t have to suffer in silence. The condition is treatable by physical therapy and adaptation exercises, and seeing a physical therapist has become easier than ever.

Clinical Director Teresa Duncan explains, “In the state of Michigan you can come directly to a physical therapist without seeing a doctor. That is a relatively new state law. Although most insurance do requires that you have a doctor’s order for your insurance.”

Lauren Mixon, WBKB News.