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City And Township Present Judge With Multiple Motions In Water & Sewer Law Suit

26th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Michael Mack was presented with multiple motions for summary disposition Friday, July 15th when a hearing took place between the Alpena city and township.

Judge Mack scheduled both parties to an all day meeting at the end of the month in hopes to find a middle ground and avoid trial.

Here's the latest.

Sheriff's Office To Purchase Two 'New' Patrol Vehicles

The Alpena Finance, Building Maintenance, and Recreation Committee met yesterday and approved several different action items.

Among the notable items that were approved by the committee included a request from Undersheriff Terry King, to allow the Sheriff's Office to purchase two new patrol vehicles.

The Sheriff's Office purchases new or reconditioned patrol vehicles every year to help keep their fleet updated.

The committee recommended that the board accept the bid for a pair of 2013 Ford Explorers, which are already set up as a police package - as opposed to a standard Ford Explorer which the Sheriff's Office would then have to convert to be suitable for police work.

The total cost for both vehicles together will be$33,000, but by trading in two Ford Crown Victoria’s, the Sheriff's Office will receive a $3,000 trade in credit - bringing the final cost to $30,000.

"We can't necessarily afford $35,000 for one vehicle, but on the recondition one, we can afford $30,000 on two, and they're set up as patrol vehicles obviously, which is what we need."

The committee also recommended to the board that they authorize the Sheriff's Office request to seek bids for new uniforms.

Pets of the Week 07-19-16

This week's pets are Hank and CJ.

South Bay Works To Raise Funds For New Squaw Bay Park

South Bay, formally known as Taking Pride in Alpena, is reaching out to the community, in an effort to raise money, so they can develop a new park and welcome center on US-23 near the 45th Parallel.

The goal is to raise $10,000 and funds will be used toward surveying, obtaining a permit for the site and doing preliminary engineering work.

The DEQ recently met with South Bay and said they can work to develop the site near the billboards just north of the 45th Parallel sign.

South Bay President Larry Clark said the 45th Parallel sign is a hot spot for residents and visitors to stop on the side of the road and take photos, so not only will having a designated park there help with safety, but will work towards south bay's efforts in bringing more tourism and businesses to our community.

"It'll be a way for the public to enjoy it, whether it's motorists and they want to stop for a rest or to take pictures, and certainly for locals that want to come out and enjoy the area, we'll have picnic tables there as well as a shelter. There will also be an informational kiosk about things that are happening in Alpena and also information about shipwrecks and the like. So, it'll just be a nice comfortable location with a great view." Clark said.

To help keep this effort going, donations can be made online by visiting www.southbayalpena.org or by mailing a check to South Bay at 199 Bear Point Road in Alpena.

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