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40th Annual Miss Rogers City Pageant

Tonight was the 40th Annual Miss Rogers City Pageant at Rogers City High School.

The pageant is the official kickoff to next week's 2015 Nautical City Festival.

In addition to the traditional Queens Pageant, new this year is the Miss Teen Pageant.

It was a total of 10 contestants to compete for the crown.

The pageant started at 7pm and tickets for adults were 8 dollars and 5 dollars for the children.

Aside from the crown, the titles for Most Photogenic and Miss Congeniality were also presented.

The girls competed in several steps of the pageant in order to be crowned.

"Tonight we are crowning our 40th Ms. Rogers City and it entails an interview, interview skills, coordination, photogenic, there's a coordination open number, talent, evening gown and final question," says Nautical Queens Pageants Director Melissa Bannon. 

Miss Rogers city went to Heather Hentkowski and Linnea Hentkowski took the Miss Teen honors. They will represent the city at different activities and social events starting with the Nautical City Festival next week.

Military Support Reception

The Alpena Chamber of Commerce hosted the Military Support Reception tonight at the Sanctuary Inn.

A buffet sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce Military Support Committee treated several military members.

The night was an appreciation for our troops and a chance for them to meet the people here in alpena.

The event was primarily geared for the units stationed here in town and various items were also raffled off to the folks in attendance.

The Alpena Chamber of Commerce say it's important to support our military for their hard work.

Community sponsors made the reception possible and our troops are truly grateful for the wonderful evening.

"Alpena really does an amazing job. I mean you don't see anything like this in many places where the community gets together hosts something like this brings everybody out. Kind of shows that appreciation, not just a pat on the back not just a thanks when you pass each other at the gas station but really puts on an event like this," says Col. Andrew Roberts. 

The Sanctuary Inn and Conference Center provided the appetizers for the 2 hour event.

Mt. Pleasant Woman Sentenced for Embezzlement

A Mt. Pleasant woman who was a banker and branch manager of Citizens Bank in Alpena in 2010 was sentenced to 27-month concurrent sentences for embezzlement and filing false tax returns.

The sentencing was announced Thursday by US Attorney Barbara L. McQueen after an investigation with the IRS and the FBI.

45–year–old Kimberly Misky opened and controlled fictitious accounts at Citizens Bank – now First Merit on 3rd Ave. – and transferred money into these accounts from that of elderly, impaired and deceased customers.

Misky pleaded guilty to embezzlement and fraud charges in April and was sentenced to the 27 months after a long investigation.

 "People, too, if they think that other people are getting away with tax fraud, they may be more likely to try it, and we want to get the word out that we're working these cases, and you might get away with it for a while, but eventually, you're going to get caught," Joanne McLean said.


Misky embezzled approximately $86,000 in 2010 and almost $223,000 in 2011, failing to declare the embezzled funds on her 2010 and 2011 income tax returns.

She was ordered to pay about $313,000 to Citizens Bank and almost 70,000 to the IRS as restitution.

It will be determined by the Bureau of Prisons at which federal facility Misky will serve her 27 months.


Upcoming Relay For Life Painting Workshop

This is the first year Cops for a Cure will be hosting a canvas workshop at the Relay for Life Walk event coming up.

The cost of the workshop is $35.00 and all the participants names and money must be collected by August 7th, so painting supplies can be ordered.

The $35.00 will provide the participants with all the materials needed, including the 16"x20" foot canvas.

All the proceeds will be donated to the Alpena County Relay for Life.

Participants will be taught how to paint a specific painting.

Checks or money orders can be sent to Nichola Cornelius in Ossineke.

And at the end of the workshop the canvas's can be taken home with the artist.

Community Service Trooper Ashley Simpson said, "It's important for the community to take part in this because there is a number of people here in Alpena that everyone knows has been affected through cancer."

Cops for a Cure is the team name for some of the Michigan State Troopers and their spouses, as well as other people associated with law enforcement, who come together to help raise money for the Relay for Life event.

If interested in participating in the painting workshop you can contact Nichola Cornelis at The Brit With a Brush at 989–590–0388.

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