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ARMC Expanding Hyperbaric Services to Divers

Alpena Regional Medical Center is now expanding their hyperbaric therapy services, which will benefit divers in the community.

Hyperbaric chambers are enclosed containers that pump in 100 percent oxygen at ambient pressure.

In conjunction with NOAA, ARMC is trying to expand their services to the dive community for those that may have issues while diving, such as decompression sickness, which is common to some divers.

The divers would then use the pressurized chamber to treat the sickness with hyperbaric physicians and chamber operators to assist in any and all treatment.

Being close by, this is a huge asset to the diving community here in Alpena because it allows the hyperbaric services to be readily accessible for them.

Not only is this facility a great asset for the dive community, but the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Program is open year–round and aims to provide wound care treatment for chronic, unhealing wounds.

Two Arrested, Suspected for Car Hopping

Alpena County Sheriff's Deputies pulled a vehicle over on Saturday morning for a defective headlight, which later resulted in two arrests.

At approximately 4:30 am on Saturday morning, the 19–year old driver of the car was arrested for driving without a license and a bench warrant.

The passenger, a 25 year–old, was also arrested for several bench warrants.

After the two were lodged in the Alpena County Jail, the owner of the vehicle discovered and reported that her vehicle was stolen, but the vehicle had been towed and impounded.

The two suspects claimed they were "car hopping" and taking money and items from numerous cars in the township and city.

The vehicle they were driving was stolen from an Alpena Township apartment complex.

The suspects were targeting vehicles in which the doors had not been locked.

Also, marijuana was seized and the suspects face charges for that drug and unlawfully driving away an automobile.

The 19 year–old is on probation in 88th District Court, and the 25 year–old is wanted by other agencies.

Fatal Fire Near Orchard Lake, Bearinger Township

The Presque Isle County General dispatch received a 911 call last Thursday evening reporting a structure fire near Orchard Lake in Bearinger Township that left one man unaccounted for.

At approximately 11:44 pm, three fire departments were dispatched to the scene.

Ocqueock Bearinger, Case Township, and Onaway Fire Department arrived to find the fire destroyed a single story residence.

Fire department personnel and deputies from the sheriff's department were able to determined there was a body inside of the residence.

The Michigan State Police Fire Marshall's Unit also responded to the scene to assist in the investigation.

State Representative Volunteers With Alpena YVC

Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency and Alpena Youth Volunteer Corps have been working together on the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, which delivers food boxes to senior citizens in 11 different counties.

The YVS group helps out twice a month and sometimes they even get a guest to come fill boxes with them.

On February 8th, 106th District Representative Peter Pettalia rolled up his sleeves and jumped in line with the other volunteers, to fill boxes with food items like cereal, canned goods, rice, dairy products and more.

These are nutritionally designed packages designed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Representative Pettalia was impressed that this program can deal with so much in the lines of commodity for our senior citizens.

He said this is a perfect example of how young people in society do step up and even enjoy themselves while doing it.

"Seeing these great, young, volunteers stepping up to do that really shows that we are a generous people. Northeast Michigan as a whole is a generous people and this nation is a generous people. And to set this food aside and to give to the needy and these foods are obviously headed to our senior citizens now, it's just a great thing and we need to do this," Representative Pettalia said.

Representative Pettalia said it was a lot of fun to help out at NEMCSA Monday and he enjoyed seeing the kids joking and smiling while working hard for such a good cause.

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