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Alpena High School Volleyball Team Volunteers at Huron Humane Society of Alpena

The Alpena High School varsity volleyball team is taking time off the court to do something great within the community.

Friday, the team volunteered at the Huron Humane Society of Alpena.

The girls showed the animals a little bit of love, taking time out of their busy schedules to spend just a few hours with the cats and dogs.

Being kept in the shelter all day, some of the animals were excited to see visitors, like Suzie the golden lab who just wanted to go out for a walk.

Alpena High School's varsity volleyball coach, Stacey McEwen said volunteering is a great lesson for her girls.

“This is an opportunity that i have to teach these girls so much more then just volleyball on the court. Being apart of this team should be about more than just winning or losing games.

I think teaching these kids to volunteer and give their time is just a great lesson to learn at this age. It's something that will stick with them and it also provided a great bonding experience,” the coach said.

The Huron Humane Society is always looking for volunteers, donations, and families who would love to adopt an animal.

For more information contact the animal shelter at 989-356-4794.

Family Loses Everything in Grand Lake House Fire

The East Grand Lake Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire in the Grand Lake area earlier this week.

Firefighter and EMT, Paul Fournier said Tuesday's fire was caused by flammable items inside of an attached garage.

Residents of the house were home at the time, but everyone made it out safely.

First responders fought the blaze for two hours and the structure was a total loss.

He says if you're going to do any projects near your home which can cause heat or sparks, it's important that you don't have any flammable materials in the area.

“If you're going to do anything that produces heat, or spark you have to make sure the area is clear of any flammables,” Fournier said.

He added, “With an attached garage it's best to be out in the open or in a separate shop away from the house. If it's an attached garage, you take the chance of catching the garage on fire and the fire can spread into the household.”

Residents of the home will have to rebuild after losing everything in Tuesday's fire.

We spoke with neighbors and good Samaritans of the Presque Isle community are stepping up to help the family during this time.

Alpena Man Faces No Jail Time in Surveilling Case

25 year old, Shane Logan Burr will avoid jail time after videotaping at least one of his coworkers in a workplace.

Burr was recently placed on 12 months probation and 40 hours of community service after pleading no contest back in June to a single count of surveilling an unclothed person.

The incident in the workplace bathroom stall happened back in January.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Alpena County, Cynthia Muszynski said there was no sentence agreement.

He was tried in Alpena County Circuit Court, and Chief Judge Michael Mack determined Burr's fate.

“There was no sentencing agreement in this case so it was left up to the judge to decide what his punishment would be. The judge did make the determination that probation was going to be his punishment. Along with some community service hours too,” Muszynski mentioned.

She also said Burr will have this felony on his record for life.

Fresh Out Of The Water, R/V Chinook Continues To Educate At The Besser Museum

After being on the waters of Lake Huron for the past 60 plus years, the retired DNR Research Vessel Chinook has a new home, now resting outside the Besser Museum in Alpena.

After being lifted out of the water for the last time on Monday, the R/V Chinook was trucked through Alpena and to the Besser Museum early Tuesday evening, and was propped up in the parking lot where it will stay temporarily on display.

Built in 1947, R/V Chinook was the oldest research vessel on the Great Lakes, and took its final voyage earlier in the month. Many people from the community were on hand to watch Chinook move to it's new home, including people with close ties to the research vessel.

One former ship captain and first mate used the moment to reflect on the 31 years he worked on R/V Chinook.

"Just being out there and working on the sea, and doing all the research we did. You know from planting lake trout, to brown trout to seeing the recovery of the lake. After being donated to the museum by the DNR, the ship which was used for research for over half a century...will continue to help educate people in northern Michigan about the importance of the Great Lakes,” says Clarence Closs.

The exhibit is not entirely complete, but the Besser Museum has some plans to highlight this fascinating vessel, which is still in great shape.

"We will build a dock around it so the public can get up and access the boat. It will be stocked with all the equipment like if you were going out to the lake to do a day's work, and we will add programs for students and adults; interpretive signage. And DNR will work with us, they have an education department, and will help us with developing a lot of the educational outreach, that we both want to share with the public," said Besser Museum Executive Director Chris Witulski

The process in building the entire exhibit will take a few years, but for right now it's a great opportunity to check out piece of history as it sits.

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