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Turkey Hunting Season Starts Today

Fall is on its way and hunters are preparing as turkey season starts today.
September 15th through November 14th is wild turkey season state wide in Michigan.
Turkeys usually travel together, the females and young sticking together and then the toms moving as a pack.
They are currently preparing themselves for winter and are typically out in the morning searching for food.
Wildlife Outreach Technician for the DNR Holly Vaughn says, "They generally group together early in the morning so morning is the best time for turkey hunting some people also find success later in the evening also but really with a lot of birds morning is the best time to be out."
To hunt turkey you must have a base license plus a fall turkey license.
Hunting without a license can result in heavy fines and even jail time.

Preschool Starts

Preschool started today for most schools, as this is the first year for a delayed start.
AMA ESD decided to delay the start of preschool this year in order to give staff a chance to set up schedules and work out any kinks before the first time students started class.
The staff at schools including, Besser, Ella White and Wilson seem to be happy about this change.
Last year the schools had openings through November and that's when AMA ESD took over and this year has been quite different.
Sarah Prevo, Early Childhood Coordinatior AMA ESD says, "This year we have waiting lists actually in Alcona and out at Wilson as well as the rest of the programs are pretty full with just the limited spots."
There are still a few spots open in the Alpena area, Atlanta and Hillman.
Children age 4 on or before October 1st are eligible for preschool and if you would still like to enroll your student you can contact Prevo at 989–278–5989.

Guest: Dr. Daniel Maxwell

Guest Dr. Daniel Maxwell talks about the seasonal flu vaccinations at Alpena Regional Medical Center.

Hunter's Education Program

People of all ages got together on Sunday to fire their best shot. This weekend kids and adults took part in a Hunters Education program at Harrisville State Park. Saturday was the classroom education at Mount Mariah Hall in Harrisville and Sunday their skills were put to the test.

The grounds had six to seven different stations set up for learning. Even i got the chance to learn how to shoot!


"The whole point of the Hunters Education program is a safety program. We want the kids or adults taking the program to kinda know how to safely handle their firearms, know what to do in certain situations if they're in the field. What different parts of the gun do they need to know. Things like that."

The program is all within the area of the State Park and allows up to 100 people to join. This year around 75 people joined in.


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