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Tawas Woman Seeking Organ Donation

A young woman is relying on the goodness of strangers as she battles kidney failure. At just 9-and a-half weeks old, Diana Smith was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. For years she grew up like any other kid.

"We didn't do life differently, because of it, we still went trick–or–treating, still went to the beach even if I had a cold or something, said Smith."

However, in high school she began having difficulties with her lungs.

"Then when I got into my 20s I had to be on oxygen 24 hours a day and I had a lot of scarring in my lungs, and so then i needed a double lung transplant."

Shortly after there was more trouble.

"I did really well for five years but then i started having the kidney issues because of the transplant medication."

She's now on Stage 5 renal failure and has dialysis treatments three times a week. That's when she began seeking a kidney donor of her own, as well as donors for others battling kidney failure.

"Now I'm doing all that I can to find myself a living donor. There's less of a wait, otherwise it can take up to five years to find a kidney donor."

A person willing to be an organ donor goes through a class, followed by blood tests.

"They'll take my blood and their blood and mix it together to see if my blood attacks their blood. And then if it does and it's a good match they can basically schedule a surgery date."

And if it's not a match...

"They could match somebody else, so they're not just helping me, they could potentially be helping someone else."

It's been a long road of ups and downs, but through it all Diana's work as the Vice–President of the Shoreline Theatre in Oscoda has been a constant.

"It's great, it's my second family, it's my second home."

She's done everything from directing, to acting and never lets her health get in the way.

"She's a very dedicated volunteer," said Sue Miller, President of the Theatre. "We have had weeks where my whole cast is here rehearsing and working at the theatre and Diana's at the hospital rehearsing with the nurses and whoever happens to be available and she shows up and doesn't miss a line after just being discharged from the hospital."

Next month she'll be taking the stage again in the production of "Wait Until Dark." Until then she'll continue treatment and her search for donors.

If you are interested in becoming a kidney donor to Diana or someone else, you can visit facebook.com/dianatransplant to get in contact with her.

Reading to Students

March is reading month and schools all over the area are inviting special guests to read to their students.
This morning at Wilson Elementary a local firefighter visited the school to read to ten different classrooms.
Reading month is designed to help students learn how to read better and develop a love for books.
"Reading is important for everybody not just children but it's important to start at a young age to learn to read because it will carry you through life," Firefighter Marceau said.
Today Marceau read dot the fire dog and the important book to the students.
Later in the week he will be visiting Ella White elementary to read to more students

Ton of Tabs for FFA

The Alpena High School FFA is participating in the Ton of Tabs fundraiser and they are asking for your help.
The Alpena High School FFA is working in conjunction with the state FFA program for their annual community service project of collecting pop tabs to be donated to the Ronald McDonald house.
The goal is to have 2,000 pounds of tabs collected by the entire state of Michigan and every little bit donated will help them to achieve that goal.
"We're hoping to just basically get as many as we can, every little bit helps, if people can even give 5, 10, 20 pop tabs it accumulates quite quickly and just whatever we can take down we'd like to donate," Advisor Melissa Smith said.
They will be collecting the tabs until tTuesday March 10th and if you would like to donate you can drop your tabs off at the high school office.
Once the collection is finished, smith will take the tabs to lansing to be combined with the other FFA chapter donations and then the ronald mcdonald house will use the funds for their services.

A Look into NOAA's History

Guest Stephanie Gandulla from the National Marine Sanctuary gives some information about NOAA and it's history.

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