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Mural Unveiling Downtown

The latest mural that will be featured downtown will be unveiled tomorrow afternoon at an art in the loft event.

Artist Tony Hendrick will be presenting his second mural for the downtown area.

The event will be held at pocket park behind the central building downtown.

His first piece, "Mural of Hope" has been a permanent fixture in Downtown Alpena, and the second will be hung on the back of the store "Little Dreamers."

"Tony Hendrick came to us and proposed that we do this large scale mural to kind of enhance our downtown area," said Education Coordinator for Art in the Loft Brooke Stevenson. "And ever since then we've been working with him to come up with the funds, and its been a long process but we've finally received enough money to go through with the process."

Art in the Loft will be selling buttons featuring some of the fish that were chosen to be in the mural.

The proceeds will benefit art and cooking programs run by the nonprofit group.

Fresh Palette is also partnering with art in the loft for the event.

The unveiling ceremony will begin at 2 p.m.


Logging Brings Cleanup Conflict

Logging operations are causing a disrupting to the Chippewa Hills Pathway Trail in Ossineke.

Throughout the trail certain trees are being cut, preventing visitors from accessing the area. The logging is also causing a roadblock with debris being left in the trail, causing a potential hazard to those accessing it.

"The logging process has to be done, but we're just really concerned that there's going to be tops left on the trail system and running the heavy machinery over it is going to create ruts and wash–outs, and we just really want to see it returned to the way it is when the logging is done," said Randy Fairbanks

Fairbanks is also concerned that the cleanup from the logging may not be completed before the Chippewa Hills Pathway Mountain Bike Race on September 6th.

The race will take place through the pathways and is sponsored by the Thunder Bay Trails Association.

However the event will still commence even if the cleanup is not completed yet.



Briar Babcock Convicted

Briar Babcock has been convicted of breaking and entering into several vehicles here in Alpena.
Babcock was originally arrested in December for breaking into one vehicle and was then sentenced.
May 22nd thru June 4th he again broke into a series of vehicles and was charged and convicted on three different counts of breaking and entering.
He was breaking into cars around town that were unlocked and taking valuables such as credit cards.
County Prosecutor Ed Black says, "He was going and pulling doors, and what that means is at night he'll walk around and pull car doors and if they're unlocked he'll go in the car and see if there's things of value."
Prosecutor Black recommends locking your car doors at all times and hiding your valuables so they're not visible or just don't leave them in your car at all.


ACC Mascot


The ACC mascot has a new look thanks to several local donors.
The Keiser Paul mascot statue at ACC has been standing tall for several years.
He is made entirely out of car parts and due to weather conditions has become rusty and lost some of his paint.
Several donors in the area contributed time and money to clean up the mascot and give him a fresh coat of paint and new logs.
ACC President, Olin Joynton says, "Through a combination donation newport family and schepke forest products and neimroc we have a wonderful representation of our mascot here on the campus."
Doug Bliss Painting company did the actual repainting and President Joynton says he is so grateful to all who helped with the project.


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