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Measles Outbreak

The measles had a recent outbreak associated with the Disneyland in California and now there has been one confirmed case in Oakland County, Michigan.

Measles is an illness that causes a respiratory infection with a runny nose, watery eyes and cough.

The big risk though is that it can spread to the lining of your brain causing insufflates, eventually resulting in hospitalization and even death.

The only way to prevent this is with a vaccination.

Long Rapids Family Care Pediatrician Dr. Jon Nicholson, says measles spreads quickly and is highly susceptible to children as they are constantly in close contact with each other, that is why it is important to get children vaccinated at a young age.

He says it’s never too late to get the shot, but if you feel you may have the measles, to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan Online Application

It's that time of year, where students and adults looking to go to college are applying for scholarships to help offset some of those costs.

The Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan wants to help with that by offering about 45 different scholarships to people within Alpena, Alcona, Montmorency and Presque Isle.

Something new this year the foundation is offering though, is an online application process called "Stars Online."

This process makes it easier to match eligible applicants with scholarships.

Applications for the different scholarships are found at cfnem.org and all applications must be submitted by April first.

If you have any questions contact the foundation at (989) 354-6881.

Healthy Alternative to Potato Skins

Guest Kelly Lake from Bay Athletic Club shows how to make a healthy alternative to potato skins.


Developements for Thunder Bay Island

This summer we gave you a glimpse of Thunder Bay Island after it changed ownership, and there are many exciting developments in its future.

The lighthouse will be one of four featured on postcards from the State Historical Preservation Office. The cards will be free and available at visitor centers around the state.

The Thunder Bay Island Preservation Society is hoping it will boost tourism to Alpena once the island is open to the public.

"It gives the location and it gives a little history on the lighthouse and it gives a way for interested people to contact the lighthouse caretakers," said Preservation Society Outgoing President Susan Skibbe. "So it was a great opportunity for us to publicize our efforts on Thunder Bay Island as well."

Currently the Island Preservation Society is working on multiple projects to allow for tourism at the sight. They hope to have a sign in place on the island by spring.

The city has also discussed re–constructing the boat house on the island and even building a dock or pier to allow transportation boats to bring visitors.


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