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Side Walk Sales


Sale items will be lining the streets of downtown Alpena for the summer side walk sales.
Today through Saturday stores in the downtown area will be having items on display outside on the side walk.
Many of the items are from summer and spring collections and are on sale to make room for a new shipment of fall items coming into the stores.
Most of the stores are participating in the sidewalk sale and will have special deals going on all weekend long.
The Market and Masters–LaLonde Shoes are just two of the stores participating.
The sale will be happening during normal store hours and is something fun that everyone in the community can get out and enjoy.


Alpena Optimist Club


With the Brown Trout Festival continuing on, kids in the community tried their hand at fishing in downtown Alpena.
Kids lined up this morning to take their turn fishing in the Culligan Plaza fountain.
Around 400 trout were put in the fountain today, most were around 17 inches big but there were some on the larger side.
The event was put on by the Alpena Optimist Club, which allowed kids to fish for free, for some it was their first time fishing.
Chuck Beal, a member of the Optimist Club said, "A lot of these kids it's their first time fishing, i helped a little gal a little while ago that said i've been a fisherman today. And I said well have you been a catcher, well no I haven't caught one and just then one hit the line and she pulled it in and you couldn't wipe that smile off her face for anything."
If the kids caught a fish they were able to keep them as a trophy if they wanted or throw them back in the fountain. If the fish caught were big enough, they could be taken down to the Brown Trout Festival to be weighed.
The event was a great way for everyone to get involved in the community and for young kids to participate in the brown trout festival.


Teen Night at Brown Trout Festival


The Brown Trout festival has events all week long for people of all ages, and tonight in the big Tent was Teen Night.

From 8–11 tonight teens 19 and under can go to the Big Tent and dance and hangout with friends.
Dj Darrell Kelly is the performer who has performed at the festival before.
It's a way for the younger crowd to get involved in the festival and
Many teens came out to the event and enjoyed the live music and spending time at the festival.


Guest: Tane Casserley

Guest Tane Casserley from the National Marine Sanctuary talks about the different projects going on this summer.

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