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Holiday Inn Express Update

Last year, the city began the plans for the addition of the new Holiday Inn Express in Downtown Alpena. And now, after a few delays, you can start to see the foundation being laid in place.

Last year, they began drilling the steel pilings into the ground that will hold the entire structure up and also placing the cement on top of the foundation.

Now, the steel super structure for the first floor of the hotel is being installed.

However, due to a few changes, there has been some delays in the progression of the new addition.

For example, a few of the plans were altered, and once those changes are made, they must then be reviewed before building continues.

Gilmet says there are a total of five Holiday Inn Express locations currently being installed throughout the state of Michigan. So depending on the availability of the crew and the weather conditions, Gilmet predicts the building being complete by late 2016.

Alpena County Supports Public 4-Year University

The Alpena County Board of Commissioners discussed a resolution of support for a public four year university in Northeast Michigan during their regular board meeting on November 24th.

The board passed the resolution of support unanimously.

The entire project is a long ways off but the board does think this would be a good addition to the community and commends those who are working towards seeing a four year university here.

Chairman Cameron Habermel said, "College is basically a business like anything else, it's going to create jobs, it's going to create a better community, your arts, things that college attracts, those types of things would come to town."

This plan is predicted to bring anywhere from 400 to 500 jobs and will bring growth to the city at a maintained level.

This four year university would not compete with Alpena Community College, but partner and work along side with it.

Brown Trout At Risk Of Cancellation

If Northeast Michigan wants to see Brown Trout Festival's 42nd Annual in the year of 2016, people have to step up and take on chair committee positions.

Right now, there are no executive officers, no treasurer or secretary on the Brown Trout Festival Committee.

There is also no one to handle  registrations, the award ceremony, the online website and advertising.

President Peggy Donakowski and Vice President Diane Cantle are stepping down this year but Donakowski is willing to be a director in 2016 so the new members can still learn from her.

The festival does not need volunteers, only people to take a leadership role and fill these chair committee positions.

But if these chair positions don't get filled, 2016 Brown Trout Festival will not just downsize but be canceled entirely.

And seeing a 41-year-tradition just end like that is the last thing the committee wants to see happen to this safe and family fun festival.

"You need man power, you need sponsors, you need people. But it is rewarding. It's very rewarding when during the festival you see from the children to the senior citizens coming and having something to do," Cantle said.

New people on the committee will bring new ideas to the festival which is a big positive Donakowski says.

If anyone qualified would like to join the Brown Trout Festival Committee please call 989-590-2480 and express your interest.

ACC Purchases New Software Security System

Alpena Community College has just purchased a new intrusion prevention system to help protect the identities and information of the students and staff inside their system.

This newer system, called Tipping Point Intrusion Prevention System, will sit behind the firewall and block any hacks or attacks at the edge of their network.

This system flags any piece of virus that tries to break into the college's database.

According to ACC's IT Director, Mark Grunder, the college received over 18,000 attempts to break into their network over the weekend. But due to the new system that has been implemented, the sensitive data was safe and no breaches were made.

ACC President, Dr. Don MacMaster, wants the public to know that they can be confident that their identity and personal data will not be breached and that they are doing everything they can to ensure the privacy of the college's students and staff.

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