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More Food Assistance Available for Michigan Families

Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared all Michigan families who are eligible for food assistance benefits will continue to receive an additional $95 in May to assist with groceries.

The cost of groceries is increasing and it is putting a financial strain on families and businesses. Male’s Grocery Store shares its challenges with keeping up with inflated prices. “A lot of people are watching their money to so they’re probably budgeting and buying the lower end products to save more,” said Kim Gamache, manager. “Its really tough right now for everyone, even myself.”

Due to price inflation, many people had to start shopping at lower cost grocery stores. “We were shoppers at Meijer’s previously; anytime we went  grocery shopping we would just go to Meijer. We recently just started shopping at Save–A–Lot just because the prices were so high at Meijer. We had to go to Save–A–Lot and get a lot more for the amount we were spending at Meijer,” said Jillian Pilarski, a customer of Male’s.

Other families took a different approach when it came to acquiring groceries. “We do depend on our garden now. We didn’t last year or a couple years before. A lot of our neighbors have been gardening a lot here and they ask us questions,” said Kyla Mathia, a Male’s Grocery employee.

Eligible clients who acquire food assistance are seeing additional benefits on their bridge card from May 14 through the 23.