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Local Swim Coach Named ‘Most Inspiring Person of the Year’

One local swim coach was named ‘Most Inspiring Person of the Year’ during this weekend’s Bay Athletic Club Annual Fitness Inspired Gala. We sat down with Ms. DeAnn Carter to see how she plans to celebrate her weight loss accomplishments.

“It’s just been wonderful,” Carter said.

Those are the words of a woman who had a different outlook on life just a few months ago. 60–year–old DeAnn Carter has a new attitude and a new body to go along with it. It took a tragic life changing experience for Carter to change her life and lose over 110 lbs.

“My husband died and when he died I was a month away from being 60–years–old, and I weighed 319 lbs. That was probably part of it but really more than anything I was lonely and didn’t have anything to do and I wasn’t sleeping. So I went to Bay Athletic Club and joined and decided right then and there that I was going to become more active,” Carter said.

That choice resulted in a huge win over the weekend. The local swim coach and former candy lover won a $500 gold card to the gym beating others in the same competition.

“I was absolutely shocked. There was no way I thought it was me at all,” she said.

Originally a “Southern Bell” from Dallas, Texas, Carter admits she does miss certain foods.

“I still love pizza. Being from Texas, I still dream about Mexican foods. So nachos and Mexican food, and pizza,” she admitted.

Carter said she has found love again and is healing through her weight loss journey.

“I have a lot more confidence, I can just see in the way I walk. I smile a lot more and the biggest shock for me is that I’m 60–years–old and dating,” she said.

As for advice for someone who finds themselves struggling?

“You can do it. Anybody can do it; if I can do it anybody can do it because I didn’t do anything special. You just need a bit of help, and with your friends beside you and with your trainers beside you, you can do anything that you want to do,” she ended.