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Local school prepares students for the season of gratitude

Sometimes putting into words what we’re thankful for can be difficult, but for kids it’s as simple as family, food and the traditions that bring’ em all together.

“Students really look forward to this time of year, partly because of presents and celebration but I think more it’s about family,” says Lincoln Elementary principal Hans Stevens.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, students at Lincoln Elementary had a hard time focusing on anything other than the special guests that would be joining them around the turkey this year.

But the kids know the special day is more than just a time to see family. Lincoln elementary has put a special emphasis on helping students learn the importance of traditions at this time of year.

“Understanding that there’s a lot of different ways that people celebrate, and how that impacts us and how we enjoy those things,” says Stevens.

And the students were eager to put it into practice, by sharing what makes their family’s celebration special each year.

“We always see different family members every year. We just eat and pray. We all have to wait for everyone to get their plate and then we eat. We just pray and then we have fun.”

It may surprise students, but their principal is thankful for a lot of the same things as them when this time of year rolls around.

“I’m always thankful for an opportunity to be together with family, and just have that little special time to just enjoy our blessings,” Stevens reflects.

And enjoy our blessings we shall. But lets not forget about the delicious food that makes this holiday one of our favorites.

“Pumpkin pie. Turkey? The turkey. Turkey and stuffing.”

But even with all the trimmings, Lincoln Elementary students won’t likely forget the true meaning of the holiday.

“Every month at Lincoln we have a “Principal’s Precept,” it’s a little word of wisdom that we include as a part of our morning announcements,” says principal Stevens.

Every day for the month of November, students have been reminded of the true spirit of Thanksgiving with this piece of advice.

“Being thankful but not saying it, is like wrapping a present but not giving it.”

So from all of the students at Lincoln Elementary to you and yours: Happy Thanksgiving! This holiday season, don’t forget how truly blessed you are.