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First time wax museum for historical figures at Besser school

ALPENA, Mich. — Besser Elementary School students brought life to their first ever wax museum for historical figures.

A group of fifth graders became the faces of popular leaders from the medieval age to the present day Wednesday afternoon. History teacher Sarah Winter says the ancient faces derived from a writing project.

“I had 30 kids out of 70 want to do the history wax museum,” said Winter, “where they took their figure from history, used a costume to look like that person and then give a 30 second, one minute performance.”

A majority of the school walked through the one–time wax museum. Fifth graders were studying Native American history leading to the Revolutionary War. When it came time to portray a historical figure, they choose characters beyond the era that they learned about in the classroom.

“It’s been a month long process where they’ve been reading about their person from history, studying, putting their research booklet together, and then for extra credit, becoming a figure coming alive at the museum,” said Winter.