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Carbon monoxide poisoning mimics Covid-19 symptoms

ALPENA, Mich.–We’ve heard a lot about COVID–19 symptoms over the last two years. The headache, nausea and fatigue. But did you know some of these symptoms also apply to carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that displaces oxygen in the blood and suffocates organs. Symptoms from carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to coronavirus.

Former president of the Michigan State Fireman’s Association warns of the dangers.

“Because its odorless we don’t know that were getting the flu like symptoms. It’s been more problematic during COVID-19.  People are experiencing the same symptoms with flu as with carbon monoxide poisoning. It has very similar symptoms as COVID19. I had some one last year that tested positive for all three; carbon monoxide poisoning, the flu and COVID–19”

If you feel sick at home, then step out the house for a period of time and feel better, only to return home and feel sick again, it may be an indication of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“That’s why working carbon monoxide alarms are essential to have in every dwelling. Then we can make sure if carbon monoxide builds up, we are easily and quickly alerted so that we can get up and get out,” said Mc Leieer.

A few tips to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning include not putting back up generators inside garages and warming up all vehicles outside of the garage.

Mc Leieer said, “Carbon monoxide can even seep though drywall. when we have these newer vehicles that have remote engine start, its very important we still pull that vehicle outside of our garage before we let it warm up in the morning. If we let it warn up inside, even with the garage door open, it can cause carbon monoxide to leach into the home.”

Lastly, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in the home and check it regularly.