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New political polling app launches to collect voter feedback

ALPENA, Mich. — Presidential primaries are right around the corner and one company is making strides to ensure political candidates are receiving your feedback and putting power back in the people’s hands.

New York app designer, Troy Fritzhand, and his brothers recently launched the app, Let them Know. The new platform allows voters to take polls that will inform politicians on community reactions to a variety of political topics.

Fritzhand says, “It actually came to me in a thought at the gym. and I was like, ‘If I was president, I would want to reach out to every single American and ask them what I should do on every single everyday decision from the biggest decisions to maybe like tax reform to something small like where should I have Fourth of July celebrations.”

The app will allow constituents to vote on non–biased, non–leading questions on any range of political issues, from simple to complex. This is in hopes that political leaders will make decisions based on the responses, and not on personal beliefs.

Fritzhand adds,”We don’t give them any personally identifying information, but what we do do, is we give them aggregate statistics. So we’re able to tell them people in a certain age group, of a certain gender, of a certain race believe this way, and it gives them the tools to then say, you know, my people, my constituents – this is how they feel.”

The app is still being updated as more and more politicians sign up utilize the platform. Just this weekend, a corresponding website was launched for those who prefer to use the service on a desktop. The app is already live and offers both state and national polls.