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Yoga Back Workshop Helps Reduce Spinal Pain, and Injuries

There wasn’t an empty yoga mat Saturday at the Performance Locker as Dr. Maureen Mead hosted a back workshop for residents. Saturday’s class was set up for attendees to learn yoga poses and breathing exercises to relieve back pain and prevent injury.

Dr. Mead said so many people don’t realize the damage they cause to their backs due to their habitat, and lifestyles. She also said the organs play a major role in connection to the bones including the backbones which is why breathing exercises is so important.

“Breathing is the biggest because we can learn with our breath to know that our whole spine moves every time we inhale and exhale that we use the force of breath in the exhale and inhale to get into certain postures. The next thing is grounding. If we can ground certain parts of our body when we breathe we can open and release tension in other parts of our body whether it be spinal, or shoulders, or hips,” Dr. Mead explained.

According to experts, 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their life. Performance Locker plans to hold another back workshop in the near future.