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Vet offers dog tips for the winter

ALPENA, Mich.– Winter is right around the corner, which means cute dogs playing in the snow. However, there are a few things pet owners should know.

Daniele Knight of Switzer Veterinary Clinic said that you should keep an eye on your dog for signs they’re ready to come in. Common clues include not wanting to play as much, raising its paw, and even just walking back to the door. Owners should also keep the size and breed of their dog in mind.

Knight said smaller breeds may not enjoy being in the cold as much as a husky, for example.

However, Knight said owners seem to face the most common risk.

“A lot of our clients have been accidentally pulled down to the ice and snow with their dog. So, there’s actually a real safety issue that’s come to my attention just from years of being a veterinarian here in northern Michigan.”

Knight said owners may want to invest in high–traction shoes for winter walks. She also said you should keep your dog’s personality in mind.

“If your dog is a puller, or is prone to just taking off after squirrels or other animals and pulling you along, there are some collars, head-halters, and training aids [you] can use to make it safer to walk the dog in the winter.”

When you bring your dog in, don’t forget to let them rest somewhere warm.