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ALPENA, Mich. — Between cell phones, laptops, and tablets, seniors can sometimes find themselves struggling with technology.

“I’m frustrated with things, we both are challenged at times about how to do that? And you have to go back into your memory bank, ” said Michael Thurber.

While many seniors feel intimidated by fast moving tech, senior director Jill Mc Namara says there are some tips seniors can use to help ease the pain of learning new technology.

“Start small, we know many seniors during this pandemic have even adapted to things like FaceTime as opposed to a traditional phone call.”

Thurber added, “you don’t have to have all the latest bells and whistles, but you have to have a tool available to you that allows you to live a safer life and a better life by the ability to communicate to people.”

Savvy senior tech consumer Michael Thurber explains why he believes it’s important for seniors to embrace technology.

Thurber, a savvy senior tech user said, “Lets just say the telephone you use is no longer supported, you need to have the ability to reach out to doctors, emergency personal, family members; because your family members are using this technology and at some point you may not be able to talk to them because you didn’t adapt to the new technology.”

Thurber’s example is not far off. In 2022 the national association of state 9–1–1 administrations warns consumers that older phones will stop working due to the retirement of 3g networks.

This may include other devices that use 3g connectivity, such as medical alert devices and tablets.

Mc Namara tells seniors not to be shy about enlisting family and friends for help.

“Leveraging loved ones for support, leveraging online communities like Get Set Up which actually teaches seniors how to use that technology.”

Trying out these tips can make the process less daunting for seniors.