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Stress Over Holiday, Grocery Shopping

Putting together the perfect holiday is never easy. Finding the right food, the right gifts, it can all be incredibly stressful to people who are tasked with doing it.

It’s even more difficult these days, especially with things like inflation having a large impact on prices of food. Grocery shopping is much more of a hassle now in terms of pricing, and having to do it on a shorter timeline can feel nearly impossible.

“Nobody has any money, because, I mean, the prices are crazy,” says Carmen Villeneuve, a shopper in Alpena. “Just a loaf of bread alone, I mean, I can’t believe how much it went up. I mean, I can’t even afford it, so, it’s really hard for me.”

A lot of families, especially bigger families, like Villeneuve’s, will tend to struggle more due to the higher prices of groceries. And for families on tight budgets already, they’re feeling the pressure to make ends meet.

“Well, the food cost is outrageous, so the families getting together for Christmas, I mean, it’s hard, I got grandchildren, six of them, and how are you going to buy for them all?” says Sheila Smith.

“I got three adults, and I know everybody else is probably having a hard time too, so,” Villeneuve said.

Things like eggs, chicken, and bread have all seen increases in price in the last year. Some have even seen increases as much as almost 11%. But despite the tough times, some are still keeping a positive attitude and hoping to have a great holiday.

“I just wish everybody the best, and a merry Christmas to you all,” Villeneuve said.

Shoppers are hoping that the stress of the holidays, plus high grocery prices, doesn’t overshadow all the joy the holiday season can bring.