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Sanborn Elementary Celebrates at the Achievement Parade Presented by Imagine Math

Sanborn Elementary School had a very special reason to celebrate on Thursday. They participated in the achievement parade presented by Imagine Math.

Imagine Math was created to foster and accommodate the math needs of students, providing guided learning and problem solving with interactional feedback and virtual tutor support. “We have motivational components, as many parents of kids who use imagine math know, where the kids get hyper–engaged in it.” said Andy Leonard, account executive for imagine math. “Our platforms are super rigorous so we knew we needed good motivation because if kids aren’t interested in doing it, if they’re not engaged and motivated , then what good is the rigor.”

The parade was created in order to recognize the students achieving math lessons and progressing to a higher lever. “It’s a great day for the whole Sanborn family from the teachers, the parents, to the students, and of course Ms. Burnham who leads this group.  It’s a wonderful celebration of a lot of student achievement,” said David Rabbideau, superintendent of Alpena Public Schools.

For the ceremony, elementary students dressed up in costumes that showed what they wanted to be when they grow up. “I like all parts of imagine math. There’s no favorite part cause it always teaches you something new,” said Kennedy, a student at Sanborn Elementary School.

Sanborn elementary ranks 16 in the country for Imagine Math out of thousands of schools in the country. “5 million kids in America use Imagine Math everyday; Alpena, popped to the top of the list. So, I called the principle, Ms. Burnham, and I was like your school is top 16 in the country,” said Leonard. “Thousands of districts, tens of thousands of schools, millions of students and Sanborn Elementary, Alpena Michigan , is top 16.”

To celebrate the students achievements, teachers passed out ice cream as a reward.