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ALPENA, Mich. — For some people returning from holiday trips, COVID–testing is at the top of their mind. But not everything works out as planned.

Many people showed up at the fairgrounds this morning, hoping to get a shot or test for COVID–19. Unfortunately, they soon discovered there was nobody home.

No traffic cones. No signage. And no workers.

The only people in sight? Those looking for answers.

“There’s not enough information being put out there by our local community saying what’s going on,” said Kaylee Smarr.

Clinic–goers spent minutes on end calling the Health Department, hoping to hear an answer. Others checked social media for any kind of notice.

Some needed a test so they could return to work, while others, like Jackie Superson, wanted a test for their own peace of mind.

“I’ve had respiratory issues for the last 72 hours. Both of us are doing the right thing. We need to test ourselves so we can properly care for the public and ourselves.”

Eventually, the Department picked up and explained that the company in charge of the clinic— Honu Management Group— had cancelled weeks ago because of an employee shortage.

Minutes after everyone left, Emergency Preparedness Supervisor Nick Modrzynski arrived and posted an official cancellation notice. He said that while Wednesday’s clinic didn’t work out, people still have other opportunities before the end of the month.

“Next week the schedule goes back to normal. So, you know, Wednesday’s here, Thunder Bay Junior High on Saturdays. The Cheboygan K of C does testing as well.

Just after 11 AM, the DHD 4 posted an announcement for the clinic’s cancellation. They also clarified that they removed the date for today’s clinic from their website and social media posts