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Welcome to another edition of Pets of the Week. First on the list is Melanie, she is a female 8–week–old Rottweiler/Pit Bull mix. Don’t let her breed confuse you or scare you off as Melanie is a very sweet and adorable puppy who absolutely loves, craves and adores attention. adding Melanie would be a great addition to your family as she would be the perfect cuddling partner. With a love, care and attention, Melanie would thrive. She won’t fail to bring a smile to your face, just look at how adorable she is!

Next on the list we have Eric Peterson, the first of the two brothers. Eric is a male black Siamese kitten and he’s 2 and a half-months-old. Eric is a very energetic and curious cat as he loves to roam around and explore his surroundings. It’s clear to tell that Eric loves his brother Kevin and that their bond is strong, but they do not have to go home together. If you decide to take on Eric into your family then you’ll be adding a very loving and inquisitive cat into your lives. His meow’s are also very cute and adorable.

Finally, we have the other brother, Kevin Peterson. Just like his brother, Kevin is a black male Siamese baby kitten and he’s also 2 and a half-month-old. Just like his brother, Kevin loves to roam around and explore his surroundings. He loves to climb up and be on the high ground as most cats do, so, having an area where he can be elevated is a plus. Kevin is just like Eric in the fact that he is very cute and sweet, and they both purr almost immediately after being pet and cuddled. Kevin also loves his brother very much as the two seem inseparable, they would love to go home together but it’s not required. If you decide to pick up Kevin then you be gaining a very sweet and lovable cat. He would make the perfect cuddling partner and he will brighten up your day with his adorableness. It’s a decision you won’t regret!