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First on the list is Alice, she is a 2-year-old spayed female cat. Upon first impression, she does seem like a shy cat, however, she absolutely melts to the ground when she’s pet. A quiet home for Alice is a must according to the Humane Society, however, she loves to be pet. If you add Alice into your family you’ll be gaining the perfect lap cat.

Next on the list we have Honeybee. Honeybee is a 1–year–old black Siamese female cat who arrived at the shelter with her four kittens. Honeybee is a little bit more vocal than Alice, just hear her meow! She is a super sweet cat that loves to be pet and cuddled up. Honeybee would also make the perfect cuddling partner for those families seeking a loving cat.

Last on the list is Junebug, she is a 9–month–old female cat. The Huron Humane Society also recommends a quiet home for her as well, but just like the other two cats on the list, she loves to be scratched, played and pet with, just hear how much she purrs. If you add her into your family, you would be gaining a very loving cat as she’s just waiting to show her affection.

Head on down to the Huron Humane Society and adopt one of these lovely cat today, they’ll absolutely love you for it!