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ALPENA, Mich. — Today’s pets are Mitzi, Ted, and Gus.

Our first pet today is a little kitten named Mitzi Stiles. This black and white cat is a little on the shy side, but she’s super playful when she gets comfortable. Her favorite toys are the ones she can chase and pounce. She also loves to lick— it’s part of how she explores the world. She licked the wall, my hand, and even the camera!

Next up we have Ted Knight. He’s a shy little cat who prefers his space.He also has a very distinctive meow. He’s not too keen on cuddles, but maybe you’re just the right person to help him open up.

Finally, we have Gus. This black cat’s a big cuddly explorer. He loves roaming and checking out new things. He also loves to hunt and pounce. We recommend some balls or a laser pointer if you bring him home, as well as puzzle toys for mental stimulation.

You can learn more about adoption on the Huron Humane Society website.