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Personal Trainer, Rick Houchin Shows Seniors a Few Workouts to “Beat Winter Blues”

We all have them, the blues that is but what do you do when you’re a senior looking to do workouts but may not be able travel to a gym? Bay Athletic personal trainer, Rick Houchin demonstrated 2 balance workouts and 5 strength workouts that only require a chair and wall.

“So the two balance exercises was to just hold on to a rail, or a chair and stand on one foot for about 30 seconds. Then we did the heel to toe walk, which is just 20 steps front to back. The 5 strength exercises were the side and rear leg lift, which you do both sides, and then we did the chair squat where you just stand and sit and then you have the chair twist which works on your midsection. The last two you just need a wall or rail and do some push-ups, and do what we call the wall angels,” Houchin showed reporter, Star Connor.

Houchin said working out for only 15 minutes a day can truly help fight the winter blues, and depression.

“It is important for them to keep moving because it does especially in the winter time help relieve the blues, and fight depression a little bit because it kind of releases those ‘feel good’ endorphin’s and improves your mood. It’s good for their health as well. It allows for more mobility and they can remain independent and do everyday activities with less stress or strain,” Houchin said.