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Oscoda Township Meeting Updates Residents on PFAS Clean-up

Oscoda Township residents meet for an update on PFAS clean up.

Oscoda Township — PFAS remains an on–going issue in Oscoda Township, and residents are looking for relief.

Residents of Oscoda Township are still seeking answers about fixing the water contamination issue they’ve been facing over the last year. Aaron Weed, Oscoda City Supervisor says they’re looking to various government entities for answers.

“Tonight we’re getting an update over the last year to what the developments have been from the health department, the Air Force, DEQ… to find out what solutions they’re putting in place for the next year.”

PFAS, harmful synthetic chemicals used to manufacture many consumer products, have been found throughout drinking water in Oscoda Township, stemming from Wurtsmith Air Force Base.

“We have a significant amount of PFAS contamination that was discharged from the Air Force 30 years ago and its leached into our ground water and getting into our surface water. It’s affected several people’s drinking water wells, and getting into Lake Huron and affecting a lot of other municipalities.”

Robert Tasior, a member of the Restoration Advisory Board and resident of Oscoda Township says there’s no time to waste in restoring the community’s healthy water supply.

“Are they going to tell my grandchildren their health effects…future generations. They know its there, they know they’re responsible, now they have to fix it.”

Representatives from the health department, DEQ, and legislators updated community members on what has been done so far, but there is still no solid answer for a timely remedy.