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One Water Gathering Conference Held at Alpena Community College

Hosted by Huron Pines, the Lake Huron Forever One Water Gathering brings solutions and inform all those who are interested in the protection of Lake Huron.

The plan was created in 2019 by Shoreline Community Foundations and conservation partners from Canada and the United States to progress water quality protection. “I think it’s of a concern. I don’t think were in dire circumstances, but I think we need to be aware of our changing environment, our changes in the great lakes, and the invasive species that are invading our great lakes; we need to be aware of those,” said Michael Hoadley, mayor of Au Gres. “Of course, you can’t address the problem if you’re not aware of the problem.”

Environmental factors such as air pollution, invasive species, and chemicals contribute to the marine health of the waters. “I think the first thing that we have to do is that everyone has to think about lake Huron and make it a priority in their lives”, said Patrick Heraghty, executive director at Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan. “Little changes that we make if all of us collectively are focused on I think it will make a difference.”

The Lake Huron One Partners and Steering Committee make it a priority to spotlight indigenous and first nation voices. “So from the beginning, the Lake Huron partners and steering committee have had the goal to make sure we have indigenous and first nation voices at the table and in our planning efforts so we’re really excited to have the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe,” said Samantha Nellis, water program director at Huron Pines.

Securing the diversity of animal and plant life, protecting water quality, and upholding community efforts helps to protect the health of Lake Huron in the future. “We have to do it for the next generation, we have to do it for the wild life, we have to do it for the tourism, we have to do it for people to use and we also have to do it to sustain life in whole,” said Dales Wiltse, city manager of Au Gres.

These groups say I’m now is the time to take action in protecting the welfare of Lake Huron.