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More Spiders to Enter Homes as Temperatures Cool Down

As the temperatures begin to chill, spiders and other bugs will want to move in with you to stay warm.

Most of them like, the cobweb spider, pose no threat to humans, but there are a couple who might cause issues if they bite. “There’s another one that lives in our homes called the yellow sac spider, and those can be medically important for some people,” said Howard Russell, entomologist with Michigan State University. “They are what I might call recreational biters. They might bite us just for the fun of it.”

Spiders aren’t the only insects that will make their way inside and usually other bugs are even more annoying. “Asian lady beetles, the brown marmorated stink bug, box elder bugs that really drive people crazy and certainly to a larger degree than what a few spiders that might find their way in do,” Russell said.

To keep these unwanted guests out of your house, Russell also known as the Bug Man, has some tips for that as well. “The best thing to keep them outside of the home or keep them from entering the home, is tighten things up, make sure all your doors fit properly and there’s no gaps around them. Same with your windows,” he said.

Spiders and other insects will start to be more visible when temperatures get closer to 50 degrees.