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Additional Arrest Made in Meth Bust

We start tonight with an update to the drug bust that occurred in the City of Alpena earlier this week.

We have now learned that another suspect has been arrested in connection to this case.

According to HUNT, a 31–year–old Alpena man was arrested on Thursday for Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

We previously reported that a 26–year–old Alpena man and a 28 year old Alpena woman were arrested Wednesday for Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine.

Hunt Lieutenant, Stuart Sharp said the arrest were after a two–month investigation revealed that the suspects made multiple purchases of Psuedoephedrine

Sharp also said that the Meth trend is a growing problem in the community.

“The trends right now in narcotic use especially in our community are very dangerous and they’ve taken a turn from years ago, Marijuana…which was a significant drug in our area.

Now opiates and Methamphetamine have become apart of our community.

Those are very, very highly addictive substances.

So generally…heroin if you take it one time you have medically become addicted to it, Methamphetamine has become pretty much the same.”

The HUNT team says there is a network of individuals who are involved in making Meth.

In addition to the suspects that have already been arrested, more people have been linked for providing additional materials, which is known as “smurfing.”

Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine is a felony and could result up to 20 years in prison and or a $25,000 fine.

The Alpena County Prosecutors Office is still reviewing this case and is expected to bring more charges.