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Michigan Brown Trout Festival Needs Help


Peggy Donakowski, Michigan Brown Trout Festival President

The Michigan Brown Trout Festival is looking for help. As the countdown begins for one of the biggest festivals in the Thunder Bay area, the need for help and those with fresh ideas and willingness to volunteer are needed. The 49th year of the Michigan Brown Trout Festival is coming into view, and the festival is ever growing. Peggy Donakowski, the Michigan Brown Trout Festival President, said, “We received a response from the Program Director, Emmy Lafleche, from the Boys and Girls Club, stating that they have an interest. So we went and met with them, and discussed the need that we had and what we have been doing, but we’re open to new ideas, and did they want to help in any way?” She said, “Emmy Lafleche said yes, we can help, and so it’s a bonus or a win–win for us.”

Emmy Lafleche and the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena filling the role for creative assistant to help Michelle Miller, the Chairperson for the annual family day, only upgrades one piece of the pie as other roles are in need of filling. Donakowski said, “For one, we would really like help with our raffle tickets. Every year brown trout holds a raffle, and brown trout have done a raffle ever since it really began in existence.” She said, “So we’re going to need someone to chair that, and we’ll walk them through everything. The previous raffle chair person had got all the notes, everything they need to do. We’ll walk hand in hand on it the first year, and that would really help us out immensely also.”

Though there is the need for specific roles for the festival. Any volunteer willing to help is accepted.  After a tough time last year trying to find volunteers, the search for those willing to chip in to make the festival a success are needed. Donakowski said, “Last year, we had to go on all social media that we could, any media, stating we need help, we need volunteers now. So I got some phone numbers and emails of people that came up to me last year and said hey, will help you out in 2023 whatever you need so we can keep this going.” She said, “We can always use volunteers, and as we get closer to see what we need help, and what areas we need help with, I start calling them.”

If your interested in volunteering go to the festival starts July 14th and ends July 23rd, 2023