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ALPENA, MI. – May is mental health awareness month. A new study has shown that mental health has taken a toll on Americans– especially in the past few years. Stressors like work, family, and finances can lead to declines in mental health. However some self–care habits may better prepare you to manage stress.For Rose Nowak, mental health means “taking care of all aspects of yourself. Mental health is hugely important and I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves.”

“Getting out in nature is huge. For me it was turning off the TV and focusing on all of the bad that’s out there. Really having gratitude for what is here and what we have.” said Nowak.  A recent JobSage survey revealed that more than 1 in 4 employees have quit a job for the sake of their mental health.

“Two in five people say that work has the worst impact on their mental health. Of all the thing that can impact your mental health, family stresses, financial stresses, they all said it was work. 40 percent of people said it was work. We really know that work plays such a role in mental health, or lack thereof it.” said JobSage Co-founder, Kelli Mason.
Starting a conversation about mental health is important– Issues regarding mental health are often pushed to the side. “I think it is because of the stigma attached to it. A lot of people think if you have a mental illness it means you are totally off the wall and violent. That is not the case at all.” said Nowak.  Starting these conversations can educate our area on better stress management, and lead to an overall healthier mind.


For more mental health resources in the area, visit the link below.