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Medigap Subsidy Applications Available in 2017 for Seniors

For this week’s Senior Living we focus on applying for the upcoming 2017 Medigap Subsidy. Drug brand names are getting out of control when it comes to money in your pockets.

Kitty Glomski along with her MMAP staff at the Seniors Citizen Center are prepping for the next wave of helping seniors apply for a subsidy if they qualify for extra help, which will help reduce cost of medications.

“There’s a whole bunch of brand names out there that are horribly expensive, but people need them, they need them to breathe so we try to help them find a manufacturing plan that will lower that cost. Or if someone is struggling and they have a lower income then we help them apply for something called ‘extra help.’ That’s something that is ongoing. I’m helping people this week in fact to make out the application online. It reduces the cost of the drugs. So if you are somebody that is you know of a lower income then call me and we can reevaluate and see if you qualify,” Glomski said.

The Medigap Premiums Subsidy will be through the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

“The Michigan Health Endowment Fund pays $40 for people that are 65 to 75, and $65 for those that are older. If you’re under 65 with a disability they pay $125. So it’s well worth coming to find out to see if you qualify for it,” she explained.

The endowment fund covers seniors who have Blue Cross, Blue Shield Legacy Plan, AARP, and more.

“The ‘Endowment Fund’ covers more than just Blue Cross. It also covers anybody with a Medigap from Priority Health, or AARP which is United Healthcare. It offers that subsidy and it actually offers the subsidy to any Medigap plan if the company will register for it. If you have something else you can call your company and say ‘I qualify for a subsidy’ if you register for a ‘Health Endowment Fund’ and possibly encourage them to do that so you can take advantage of that subsidy,” Glomski said.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify for help with medications come to the Senior Citizens Center on Wednesday January 11 for an open workshop.