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Marijuana dispensary opens in Rogers City on 420

Meds Cafe has been open for two weeks, but had its official grand opening on 4–20, informally known as cannabis celebration day. One local business owner is excited to be celebrating the occasion in his own way.

“Today is our official grand opening on 4–20 at 4:20. We’re going to have a band, we’re going to have food. We have 20 percent off store-wide, anything in the store.”

Owner of the store, Scott Schroeder, says he’s proud to bring his dispensary to northeast Michigan.

“We’re really seeing that this is giving relief to the residents of our community, you know and it’s a definite need in the area because are driving two, four, six hours to go get their meds and they can drive around the corner here in rogers city and get it.

Schroeder says even with the stigma related to marijuana, it does have some advantages.

“Marijuana and marijuana products have been stigmatize for so many years, because it’s beaten in our head since we were kids that marijuana was bad. And with it being a schedule one drug for so many years we weren’t able to study it any medicinal way. And now within the past few years, we’ve been able to figure out that there’s definite medicinal use that derives from the product.”

Schroeder’s ultimate goal is to expand the business and bring more jobs to his city.

“We want to bring industry to the area, and eventually, what we’d like to do is have a vertically integrated system. What that means, is to have a farm, a processing plant, and the provisioning center. That’s in our ultimate goal, that’s in our final business plan, if we’re going to get there, I’m not sure, but we’re working at it.”

Schroeder says you can purchase products at the dispensary with a medical marijuana card. Recreational purchases will not be allowed until next year.