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March is ‘National Nutrition Month’ MidMichigan Medical Center Alpena Holds Monthly Diabetes Class

March is National Nutrition Month, and the staff at MidMichigan Medical Center Alpena are hosting classes to educate residents about diabetes.

When you think of eating, diabetes is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

Maybe it’s the taste of the food, or how you prepared a meal, but with diabetes on the rise in America, the nutritional staff at MidMichigan Medical Center Alpena is trying to change that.

The hospital is hosting a support group for diabetics and non–diabetics to learn about healthy eating habits.

 “The support group is a great way for people to share their ideas, their comments, their concerns and it’s kind of an open forum. So a lot of times people with the same health concerns have good ideas for others to take home,” Registered Dietitian, Paulette Feldhiser said.

When it comes to nutrition, having a healthy outlook is key.

“It’s having a healthy mindset so it’s not just about diet and nutrition it’s just the whole healthy approach to life. So it’s getting regular exercise as much as possible, making healthy food choices, managing stress and hectic schedules and just putting it all together, and recognizing we’re not all perfect either,” she explained.

Eating the rainbow is key to having a healthy body. During the group sessions attendees learn how to eat foods that taste good while choosing more smarter options and seasonings.

“I try to include food from variety of food groups, with different flavors and things that you maybe wouldn’t necessarily think to put together for a snack,” Feldhiser added.

When it comes to change, some people may not be motivated that’s why the support group is always available for encouragement.

“I would start off by encouraging them to seek a diabetes educational program. We have one here at the hospital. We have a registered nurse who is a diabetes educator and then myself a dietitian. We really try to work with people and help them establish good habits as far as diet, activity, and then also managing their medication, and treatment for their diabetes.

And then get in a support group or get involved with a group of people who are sharing the same concerns that you are,” she said.

If you would like to attend the monthly nutritional, diabetes informational session the class is held the last Tuesday of every month.

In Alpena for WBKB News, I’m Star Connor.