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With increasing temperatures there are various ways you can cool down and have some fun this summer.

“My favorite summer activities. while going to the beach. I love going camping. that’s another really, really fun event. going for family bike rides. you know, taking that time to just slow down a little bit, you know, when the kids aren’t in school as much. and really being able to connect with your own kids and other kids in the community, especially during this time. It’s just it’s wonderful because you see more people out” said Brad Somers, CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Alpena.

Engaging in summer activities such as swimming, running and water balloon fights can help boost your physical and mental health as well as strengthen your social relationships.

“Water balloon fights, I love water balloon fights. Yeah, sure. So that’s probably one of my favorite things too. But I don’t like being the one that gets hit with them all the time. But, now it’s it’s there are a lot there are a lot of fun. And of course, it’s it’s, you know, we all, especially when the weather gets warm, it’s okay to get hit by a water balloon or, something of that nature because, you know,it’s refreshing. But I love water balloon fights” said Somers.

“We live in an incredible area with a lot of different resources where, you know, we we can, you know, drive 15 minutes or we’re in the middle of nowhere and, you know, we’re at a beautiful lake or a beautiful river and being able to partake in those things. So, you know, we’re very lucky to have that. But, you know, especially when the, you know, the weather starts getting warmer, a lot more people start taking advantage of that. So it’s it’s just a wonderful thing” said Somers.