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Local Elementary School Gives Back to Local Food Pantries


At Wilson Community School in Herron, the student council had some fun in the hallways to help out the local community food pantries. Principal of the Wilson Community School, Jennifer Marceau, said this about the fun event, “Today we had our student council do a donation of gathering unopened boxes of cereal, and then we put them down the hall and we had a big domino rally down the hall and there was 378 boxes that Wilson School collected.”

The student council is comprised of 17 students and each month the students have the duty to figure out something to give back to the school community and the outside community also. Marceau said this about working with the student council on the project, “So it was a wonderful way to teach the children that we can have fun, but we can also give back to our community by donating something that we know the community would really like.” She added, “So all these cereal boxes will go to our local food organizations and go out into our community.”

Principal of the Wilson Community School, Jennifer Marceau

The lofty goal the council set was 300 boxes, which is just over a box of cereal for a student, and not only did they exceed that, they almost passed 100 additional boxes over their goal that would be donated to help the community. Marceau explained about the goal the student council set, “Our goal was to try to reach 300 boxes of cereal, and of course Wilson School exceeded that and ended up getting 378 boxes of cereal.” She continued, saying, “So I’m super proud of our community for helping support this wonderful thing we can do for our community.”