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Local doctor gives a refresher on masks

ALPENA, Mich.– With COVID–19 cases rising across the country, doctors are stressing the importance of public health measures, such as wearing masks.

We spoke with Dr. Josh Meyerson, Health Director at District Health Department Number Four to learn again why masks help flatten the curve.

He said the coronavirus spreads by attaching itself to droplets exhaled by its host. These droplets exit your body through the nose and mouth. A face covering helps prevent the spread of the disease by acting like a net.

“The masks are simply catching most of those [droplets] as you breathe and speak. And as long as it’s covering your nose and your mouth, it’s really gonna cut down the amount of droplets that you release into the air.”

Dr. Meyerson added that masks aren’t a hundred percent effective. Just like a fishing net, some droplets will still get through. That’s why experts recommend keeping a physical distance of six feet.

Meyerson added that he understands why some may be reluctant to wear a mask. He said they’re a visual reminder that we’re living in a very scary time. However, Meyerson said masks are, ironically, the best way to hold onto a bit of normalcy.

“We all value our personal freedoms, but wearing a mask is what allows us to have those personal freedoms. If we can’t help protect each other, we’re gonna have a hard time keeping things open and being able to keep running our community as efficiently as possible.”

Masks can be uncomfortable and annoying, but they’re also a crucial part of flattening the curve and keeping others safe.

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