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Gabapentin Declassified as Controlled Substance in Michigan

Gabapentin was recently declassified in Michigan as a controlled substance.  Gabapentin is used to treat partial seizures, nerve pain and restless leg syndrome. However, it is also utilized for many off label uses. “Pain that I was having at night, having trouble sleeping for nerve pain. It has helped me greatly. I started noticing the relief right away,” Alpena resident and gabapentin patient Kimberlee Degen said.

Sixty-nine million Gabapentin prescriptions were dispensed in the United States last year, making it the seventh most commonly prescribed medication nationally. In Michigan, Gabapentin has been classified as a controlled substance since 2019, citing addiction issues. But many people report using this medication for many years with good results. “I’ve never abused it; I’ve never had cravings for it.” said Degen.  Gabapentin is now declassified as a controlled substance in the state of Michigan, “I still travel back and forth to help take care of my parents when they travel to Florida, and they used to just transfer my medications and then when it became a controlled substance, I had great difficulty transferring the gabapentin,” said Degen.