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‘Eat Smart, Live Strong’ Encourages Seniors to Start Off Slow When Making Changes to Diet, Exercise

There’s a lot of spring-cleaning going on and that includes changing up your diet. For seniors eating healthy and shopping on a budget can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why the new program, ‘Eat Smart, Live Strong,’ is being offered for a number of weeks.

The class started off with easy exercises that seniors could practice at home. At the first class page also taught seniors how to increase their fruit intake. She said when making changes in anything you do, especially with exercise and diet, start slow.

“Start slow, start low, and work your way up. Same thing with exercise. They recommend 30 minutes of exercise for adults but you can break that time up,” Page said.

Page said the class will help educate seniors, because a lot of times bad habits are made with lack of education.

“A lot of times it’s just a matter of not being educated. How to do things, they have to learn those types of things (good eating habits). They may know some of the stuff that I do present, and I expect that. Giving them simple twist of how to make those changes,” Page said.