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Republican candidate for Governor, Tudor Dixon, made her way to Alpena Wednesday and drew quite the crowd of supporters trying to rally some votes with elections on Tuesday. When asked about what the rally was for, Dixon said, “Yeah, well we’re here to have a rally to talk about the future of the state, and the things that we want to do to bring education back, to make sure our cities are safe, and to make sure that we partner with business instead of having to stay behind me as a business.”

The crowd really supported her stance on making education in Michigan a big priority again, and that parents feel involved in their children’s education. Dixon said, “Well, you heard my big focus is making sure that we have every child reading, that every child can read, but also the parents are involved in education.” She also stated, “We’ve had too many parents feel like they’ve been pushed out of education, so not only do we want to make sure we go back to the basics of reading, writing, and math, but we have parents involved every step of the way.

Dixon also was not afraid to call out current Michigan Governor Whitmer after her hard stance on the pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccine, including making it mandatory for children, and mentioned this about her opponent, “I think it’s important because it can happen again. You have to remember that this is someone who doesn’t have another election coming up, so she was willing to do that kind of stuff once, then she’s willing to do that kind of stuff again.”

Republican Candidate, Tudor Dixon

Dixon also talked about her thoughts on new rules coming from the CDC and how she would go about them, “Right now what we’re facing is the CDC coming out with this new rule for a vanity mandatory vaccine scheduled adding the vaccine to the children schedule vaccines and i wanna make sure that doesn’t happen in the state of Michigan but that’s up to state government so she could very easily force every child going to school to have to have the vaccine now considering what she did during the pandemic, the back to normal program trying to push everybody to get vaccinated and her loyalty to the teachers union. I believe that that would be what would happen in the state, in Michigan if we do not make sure that we fire Gretchen Whitmer.”

Lastly, she mentioned her love for northern Michigan, but also how the loss of small businesses in small towns like Alpena across the state has had a serious effect, “It is absolutely one of my favorite places in the world. I love the entire state of Michigan, but what I’ve seen as we travel across Michigan and what I think a lot of people in southeast Michigan don’t understand is that our communities in the other parts of Michigan have really lost a lot of businesses.” She continued with, “We’ve lost a lot of sense of community because the places that were so used to going to no longer be open that we’ve lost so many of our restaurants are gathering places, and I just want the folks across the state of Michigan to know I see you, I hear you, I live in western Michigan, I see what’s happened there. I want to make sure that we bring the entire state back.”