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D/Lt. Sharp Speaks On Hunt’s Investigation Process

It’s been almost a week since Tracy Shawn Haacke had been arrested and sentenced seven to 40 years in prison. With the arrest and sentencing of, 56–year–old Tracy Shawn Haacke by the Huron Undercover Narcotics Team on May 2nd. Detective Lieutenant Stuart Sharp, the commander of the HUNT team, was able to shed some light on what the investigation process against Haacke looked like.

“The Haacke case was over a period of 2 years.” said Detective Sharp, he adds “So, the onset is some basic information, we have to vet that, corroborate that information and continue a criminal investigation and ultimately, make the arrest.”

It take a certain type of person to have the passion of enforcing the law, so what exactly got Mr. Sharp interested in the life of law enforcement?

Detective sharp said, “As a career law enforcement officer, I discovered that narcotics and the abuse of illegal narcotics lend themselves into a whole bunch of other crimes and they’re generally directly related to that so my interest is in solving any type of crime.”

During the 2022 year, Detective Lt. Sharp and the HUNT team were able to arrest about 50 people with a total of 81 arrest counts. But for the people who are caught dealing illegal drugs, what is the typical sentencing they could face for their crime?

“20 years is the sentence for the delivery or manufacturing narcotics. Sentencing when it comes to circuit court depends on a lot of variables including their past criminal history.” Detective Sharp also said, “We see generally a five to seven year sentencing. We recently had an individual with six ounces of cocaine get 13 years in prison.”

Detective Sharp had some advice for the people of Alpena, “Generally people use substances to escape things.” He said, “Know that you are worth more than destroying yourself. Work on your self–esteem and if you need help reach out. You can contact us, we have some resources on our website at”