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ALPENA, Mich. — Extracted from hemp plants, CBD can be used for a variety of different treatments. From physical pain, to mental health, CBD could possibly be the right way to go for many patients.

Le Fave Pharmacist Jaime Cadarette said, “I’ve seen people get off of antidepressants from it. I’ve seen people getting up and moving. I’ve seen people working out that haven’t been able to workout in a long time.”

Companies everywhere have decided to start selling CBD products, because it isn’t regulated by the FDA. Massage Works Natural Health Center, located on U.S. 23 South in Alpena, is just now starting to offer CBD to their clients.

Owner Amy Traylor, says that she’s been doing deep tissue massages for twenty years and after finding a THC-free oil, she knew that’s what she needed to combat the pain in her hands. “It helps to create homeostasis and balance in many of our systems, including our nervous system. It helps with better focus mentally, and better sleep, but most people try it for pain relief because it helps to counter the inflammation.”

Why are people starting to use CBD oil? It could be because of the lack of side effects. Cadarette added that there is less risk when taking CBD versus taking over-the-counter medications. “There’s no addiction risk to it, so unlike an opioid, or things like that, or other pain meds,” she said. “Over-the-counter pain meds can have bad effects on your stomach, or your liver, or your kidneys. So it doesn’t have any side-effects like that, so it’s really a safe medication for people to give a try.”