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Businesses Look Forward to Sno-Drift in Atlanta


Amy Corron, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

This weekend is Sno–Drift, the rally event that kicks off the American Rally Association (ARA) year. For the town of Atlanta, the rally brings in much needed business to help the town get through the slow winter months. Years like this, where the weather has diminished the ability for ice fishing and snowmobiling, attractions or events can bring a much needed shot in the arm to keep everything afloat. Amy Corron, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, said, “I know we’ve got 40 race teams coming in and then, so that’s however many people, so that’s a big amount of people to come in.” She said, “Then you’ve got thousands of spectators that come in, so it’s really good for this town. It’s a good way to get promotion for the town, and it’s just really good for our businesses.”

With over 40 teams signed up for this year’s rally, the influx of money brings the much-needed boost. Because all those teams need a place to sleep, eat, get gas or work on the cars. Not including stopping at any of the local gift shops to remember their time in the town or at the rally.  Corron said, “It means a lot, especially in February when the snow has been questionable for snowmobilers, and the ice fishing has been questionable.” She said, “As you’ve seen driving through, we don’t have as many restaurants as we used to. So for the ones that are here, I just can’t overstate how important it is.”

As the rally enters its 50th year, the sport and event continue to grow. The need to expand is becoming ever present, with bigger teams wanting bigger areas to work and fans wanting more access. Corron said, “The township would really like to see us shut down 32, and make this like a whole downtown thing.” She said, “They could have tents for their vendors, they could have pits for the crews, and possibly tie it in with more of a winter fest for next year is really our hope.”


For those interested in going to the rally go to for more information. The first car leaves the starting line of stage one at four pm, Friday the 10th.