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Business Law Class at ACC do a Mock Trial to Prep for Real Life Situations

The business law class at Alpena Community College held their mock trial earlier today. Every semester the students do their annual mock trial at the end of the semester in preparation for real life scenarios.

The students who participate are given a real life past case and act out a trial while coming up with their own verdict and research.

This semester’s trial was about a target lawsuit that happened back in may 2014.

Acc communications technician, Jess Ruppert said the trial gives the students skills to take on into their future.

“The class is inside of the business program, I believe it’s under the business section. So I know we’ve got a lot of students in there from a lot of different areas. Some for example are accounting students, or business, different things like that. I’m sure there are a couple who this might give them the idea that ‘hey this is something they really want to go into.’ I think just in general a lot of concepts that they use in this trial are things they can take away in real life. Research, and paying attention to little details, things like that,” she said.

Ruppert also said the exercise gives students the experience on what really goes on during a trial.

Some of the past trials students presented included a sexism case to determine if sex played a role of a male getting a better position, or promotion then a female after she has taken maternity leave.