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Burns Family Talks About Kidnapping Incident and Older Brothers Heroic Actions

It’s been one week since the incident where a 17–year–old attempted to kidnap and harm and 8–year–old girl, her brother saw what was going on and sprung into action without hesitation, becoming her very own superhero. The hero’s name is Owen Burns, and he saved his sisters life with a slingshot, beating their own version of Goliath.

A situation like this can be traumatizing for any age but Owen details what his thought process was when he saw the kidnapping attempt, “I was in my room playing games, or something, watching YouTube, or something, when I heard my sister scream.” Owen  adds, “So, I heard her scream and I got mad, so I opened the curtain and I see what happened. I was a little bit worried and I was really startled so I grabbed my slingshot and I shot him in the head and chest.”

When asked where his slingshot was located when he saw the alarming kidnapping attempt, Owen said, “It was on my bed because as I always leave it on there just in case if anything happens. I was lucky it wasn’t in my dad’s weaponry room, cause if not in there [Owens bedroom] she would have been gone. I’m lucky he didn’t take it from me.”

Owen said he grabbed a small rock and marble ball and shot the would–be kidnapper in the head with the small rock and shot the larger marble ball at his chest. The wounds suffered was how officers eventually caught and detained the 17–year–old. Owen explains how he feels when he’s called a hero around town, “Good, yeah it’s happy for me cause I was all alone in my life.” Owen adds, “If they [people] do see that happen, grab any weapon you can to defend your friends, defend your family.”

Thanks to the heroic actions of Owen Burns, the would–be kidnapper is being charged as an adult, and his next court appearance is on May 17th.