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Black Market Marijuana Operation Found in Closed Down Elementary School in Glennie

Michigan state police have discovered a black market marijuana operation at an old elementary school in Glennie.

The school has been shut down for years and early Tuesday morning, the Michigan State Police Emergency Support Team and Marijuana and Tobacco enforcement section executed two search warrants on the building. “This is a big discovery and, again, marijuana has been legalized in Michigan for use. However, we still continue to see black market operations such as this one,” said Lt. Derrick Carroll.

Lt. Derrick Carroll
Michigan State Police

Inside, police found 160 pounds of processed marijuana along with over 240 marijuana plants. They also located two handguns, one of which was reported stolen out of Miami, Florida. “This could show, we don’t know, could show ties to drug activity from Miami to Michigan or back and forth,” said Lt. Carroll. “A lot of times, these black market operations are not solely settling in Michigan. They can export the product as well.”

Michigan State Police have seen a decrease in the amount of small operations, but larger underground facilities are still impacting legal businesses in the state. “We have teams going around enforcing these to make sure the one’s who have paid and are complying with the law, doing it properly and legally, are taken care of because this also affects their businesses,” Lt. Carroll said.

As of Friday, there have been no arrests made in connection to the operation.