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Alpena Township residents frustrated after a new property ordinance goes on the books

Alpena, Mich — A lot of property owners in Alpena Township  aren’t too happy about getting the Township’s approval to sell or buy a home.

At the Townships special meeting to discuss concerns regarding the ordinance, one property owner questioned the need for the Township’s interference.

“What is the outcome? what is there to gain by doing all this?”

A portion of the new ordinance addresses blight, calling for the correction of unsightly or unsafe properties. It’s not that part of the document  property owners have a problem with. One concerned community member made this point by asking the audience for a physical example.

“[Raise your hand if]  you’re here because they want to take care of blight…not a single hand is raised.”

Residents are concerned Township inspections won’t always be done in time to meet deadlines. Some feel like it’s unfair.

Property owner Larry Clark says,

“I think it would cause delays in the case of sellers wanting to sell their homes right away, and I think it interrupts the relationship between a seller and buyer. There’s already mechanisms in place, such as home inspectors and so–forth that handle transactions between sellers and buyers, and I don’t think the government really needs to be involved in that.”

Clark says it’s important that homeowners have the freedom to do what they want with their homes. Other residents say it’s a blatant violation of their rights, and want the ordinance completely repealed.

Clark states,  “We can’t as a Township be affecting people’s rights, with regards to their property and their right to sell property and so–forth.”

Alpena Township Supervisor Nathan Skibbe says the Board will not ignore the frustrations of property owners.

“Rest assured, their voices were heard in one way or another at this afternoon’s input session, so I’m thankful for the opportunity to have this conversation that we did, and look forward to making a sound document moving forward.”

The Township will hold another meeting later this month.

Lauren Mixon, WBKB News.