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Alpena Township property owners meet to express dissatisfaction with new blight ordinance

Alpena Township residents meet to express their dissatisfaction with the new blight ordinance

The debate between residents and board members revolves around a new ordinance that addresses blight and stipulations for buying and selling property in the township.

One property owner asked for answers to some ambiguous wording in the ordinance.

“I just have a couple questions.”

It’s not the blight portion of the ordinance that community members are upset about.

Nick Montie, CEO of Wolverine State Credit Union, says, “Primarily, we’re concerned about the inspection to sell your home. Basically right now the mortgage process, if you’re financing a new home, takes anywhere from a month to a month and a half and we’re worried that this is just going to slow that process down even more. So that’s our primary concern. And add unnecessary fees onto the home buyer.”

Some property owners feel the ordinance is unnecessary and even detrimental to the health of the Township’s housing market.

Owner of Great North Real Estate, Steve Shaw, says, “It’s going to make it extremely difficult and add a lot more costs, and part of the reason is how broadly [the ordinance] is written.”

The board says even though the ordinance is on the books, its not currently being enforced, but some property owners want the ordinance gone completely.

Resident Angie Skiba and broker Steve Shaw are advocating for it’s removal.

The Township has implemented a panel of realtors and professionals that will speak on behalf of property owners, but there is still no word if the ordinance will be repealed.

Lauren Mixon, WBKB News.