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Alpena Salvation Army Chapter Chooses Red Kettle Chairman, Talks Christmas Goals


The Alpena chapter of the Salvation Army has officially selected their new honorary red kettle chairman, and announced their goals for the Christmas season. We stopped by their office to learn more.

They’ve chosen Justin Hinkley, a long time member of the community. Hinkley was chosen because of his longstanding contributions to Alpena and because of his love of the Christmas season. Major Prezza Morrison says Hinkley was the perfect selection.

“He does know a lot about the community, he puts a lot into the community with his job, we see that, and also in his own personal life he does a lot to help in the community,” she said. “He’s joined some clubs, and he does a lot. So we felt like, ‘hey, he has a lot of experience in knowing what the community wants and needs, that he would make the perfect one for us.'”

For their Christmas goals, they’ve increased their total from the last two years from $158,000 to $160,000. Major Morrison says she believes in the community to make it happen.

“We know the community knows there are people in Alpena, and they know that,” she said. “Even though they might be struggling themselves, they know there’s always someone who’s worse off than them, and then they always want to give from the heart to help those people too, cause they may be their neighbor, it may be a family member, and it may be a friend.”

The Alpena Salvation Army is now accepting donations and gifts through Christmas.