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Alpena Resident Makes National News With ‘Ice Waves’ Video

Alpena was put on the map thanks to a video that went viral last week. Hatch made national and international news including, ABC News, the Weather Channel, Accu Weather and Australian news. Here’s more.

If you asked someone where’s Alpena, they’d probably tell you, I really don’t know. But this small town was recently put on the map-making national news when one local decided to post a video showing what she described as ice waves to her hobby YouTube page.

“My husband, and I basically had ‘cabin fever’ like everybody else does during the winter time and every once in a while we go out for a drive, and I always want to go to the lake. Even living here and seeing it almost every single day I want to see the lake. We just stopped by and walked out on the pier and filmed for maybe 5 minutes because it was cold and windy I got what I got, and it turned out to be very beautiful,ā€ Videographer, Jessica Hatch said.

When hatch thinks of ice waves she said it reminds her of glass.

“You know to me, it just sounded like glass when I walked out on the pier. The way that the ice was breaking up and the way the wind was moving it just sounded like glass. When you watch the video you can see how the waves come up and go to the shore, as the waves would start to go back they would build more and more, and then they would actually crash and then you could see all of the ice breaking up at the top and it just looked like ice waves,ā€ Hatch added.

Hatch said she was pretty shocked about her video going viral, but glad that she could make Alpena a little famous.

“It makes me happy, it makes me smile. I wish people knew more about how many amazing things Alpena really has to offer. The lake I think is our biggest asset and I think more people need to realize that ‘s beautiful and it changes everyday and you can go to the beach everyday, and the lake has something new to show you. I wish people would go experience that,ā€ Hatch said.

For WBKB News in Alpena, Iā€™m Star Connor.