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Alpena Garden Club Holds Summer Garden Walk to Raise Funds

“Have you ever wondered what all goes into gardening? Well that’s why the Alpena Gardening Club will be hosting a fundraiser this weekend to show you what it takes.”

When you look at flowers blooming during spring and summer all you see is the beauty they bring, but before something so special can bloom into perfection, there’s a process.

That’s why the Alpena Garden Club is hosting their annual summer garden walk this Saturday to maintain the beautification of the city in many locations for residents and tourist to enjoy.

“There are 8 sites to look at and they are all on the brochure and there are little maps there.” Co-President of the Alpena Garden Club, Kaye Breckenridge said.

Starting from a little seed, Breckenridge said it takes a lot to keep Alpena looking magical, and breathtaking.

“That’s the goal of the Alpena Garden Club. We want to educate and also beautify the city,” Breckenridge said.

Some of the members will be at ACC inside of the greenhouse to showcase how they maintain gardens during the winter season. Breckenridge said the walk is also a way to say thank you to the community who continues to support them while showcasing some of the residents growing gardens too.

“We just get lots, and lots of comments when we are out in the city working on the gardens. People are very appreciative of how gorgeous it looks. A lot of Alpena citizens do wonderful work at maintaining their gardens. If you drive down the streets of alpena there’s just some gorgeous gardens. People take a lot of pride in them and so we just want the city to live up to that same reputation,” she said.

So if you and your family don’t have any weekend plans yet check out the Alpena Garden Walk this Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm. For more details check out Alpena Garden Club on Facebook, or call 989–278–9056.