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Alpena County Receives MIDC Defense Grant

The Michigan Indigent Defense Council Grant is funding they receive each year, but it had to be altered this year.

Due to the trial involving Brad Srebnik and Joshua Wirgau who have been charged in the murders of Brynn Bills and Abby Hill, the defense has altered the funding by around $167,000.

“The commissioners agreed that they would accept the additional funding, and obviously that will then get paid to the attorneys who are handling the case,” said Alpena County Administrator Mary Catherine Hannah.

For the county, if they did not receive the grant, the money for the defense would have come out of the public fund, which for a case with the gravity of this one, is beneficial.

“It is very nice that we have access to the indigent defense council funding from the state of Michigan, make sure that the folks who are being represented get good representation,” said Hannah.

In a case as severe as this one, it’s important for the defendants to receive the best defense possible in order to avoid any questions about the legal process.

“But as a systemic matter, making sure that people have a proper defense is a way that we protect ourselves as a society against improper prosecutions and improper police powers,” said Hannah.

Wirgau and Srebnik are set to appear in court again on Thursday.