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Alpena City Fire Department Hosts Blood Drive

Lisa Day gave blood at the Alpena City Fire Department and shares her experience. According to the American Blood Centers, only three percent of Americans donate blood each year.  I’m here with Devon at the Alpena Fire Department. He is the team lead on the Blood Drive Project today. “Devin, can you tell me just a little bit about why it is so important for our community to give blood,” I asked him. “When you give blood, you are giving to people who need it, who were in tragic accidents, who were, you know, mothers giving birth, babies that need it. Anyone that goes to the hospital that is in need of blood,” said Devon.

Twenty-five percent of the blood supply goes to patients battling cancer. “What can people expect when they get here,” I asked him.” So, when you get here, we will do a medical screening. We’ll just check your vitals. We will make sure you are healthy to donate. Once you get into the actual donation process, we’ll get you poked, and your blood drawn. Then it gets sent to a lab tested and dispersed across Michigan,” he said. “Wonderful. And I’m going to go ahead and try it here myself today. And I’m sure that everything is going to go beautifully. All in all, it was a positive experience and a piece of cake.