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Alcona High School’s “Tiger Branch” Credit Union Receives Upgrade After 21 Years

Alcona High School got a new upgrade; the Alpena, Alcona Area Credit Union just unveiled a new and improved banking area for students.

Reporter, Star Connor was there for the ceremony.

It’s been 21 years since the Alpena, Alcona Area Credit Union Tiger Branch saw upgrades. The new and improved credit union branch inside of Alcona High School has been remodeled with new computers, chairs, and colors.

Painted in blue and gold, branch supervisor, Stacey Hall said the students are excited about the new changes.

“Before the renovation it was kind of wood paneling, the floors were kind of old, they had been here for 21 years. We had hand me down furniture…so when I approached LeAnn about renovating it was basically ‘oh can we just paint?’ she was like ‘if we’re going to just paint, we mind as well go for the stars.’ Luckily our president and board said go for it,” Hall said.

Alcona Principal, Daniel O’Connor said it’s important to have a branch inside of the school so that students, and staff members have a place to bank at and learn about financial responsibility.

“As students you know the stress that we have I guess for students to be able to make sure they’re ready for career, or college or whatever route they are going to take is to be able to have that independence. That skill to monitor their own finances, or have the capacity there so that when they step out into the real world they’re prepared and ready to fin for themselves. This is just another way for them to be able to do that and build up their credit and those type of components along the way,” O’Connor said.

As student bank tellers, Melayne O’Dell, and Mindy Mendyka said they enjoy helping out their fellow peers.

“Being the same age as them, i know a lot of them have the struggles talking to adult about financial things. Being the same age as most of them, it’s easier for them to talk to somebody.

It’s just great seeing all of their faces light up saying: ‘you know all of this information.’ it just feels good that you know that you’re actually helping them,” Mendyka said.

In Lincoln for WBKB News, I’m Star Connor.